Super AMC Repair Cover T&C






This is a Mechanical and Electrical breakdown cover designed to assist towards the cost of repairs or replacement of parts covered as listed in this document. MrWarrantee Authorised Service center / franchise will only accept the responsibility for repair or replacement as per the terms and conditions of this document.



If any defect or defects should be found in your vehicle within the terms stipulated here in after, the only obligation of the Authorised Service center is to repair or replace at his sole discretion any part shown to be defective with a new part or the equivalent at no cost to the owner for parts and/or labour, when the said Authorised Service center acknowledges that such a defect is attributable to Mechanical and Electrical breakdown as defined in this warranty.



This warranty will commence immediately (from the date of purchase of Warranty)

The term of warranty period shall be as specified in the Warranty Registration Form.



Selling your car with this warranty will obviously increase the value of the car. To request a transfer of warranty simply contact your Authorised Service center and supply the details of the person to whom you will be selling your vehicle. There will be a fee of Rs. 200/- only towards transfer charges.


This warranty may not be transferred if the vehicle is sold to a motor Authorised Service center or trader or to anyone excluded under the terms & conditions of this warranty and it will be cancelled automatically on such a sale.






In the event of the occurrence of the breakdown the owner must:


I) Immediately take all steps necessary to minimize the extent of loss.

II) Depending on whether the vehicle is in a condition enabling it to be driven, the owner shall drive it or have it towed (at their own cost), without delay, to the nearest MrWarrantee Authorised Service center / Franchise to effect repair according to the requirements and to notify the Authorised Service center of this warranty booklet/registration number.

III) Authorize the Authorised Service center to establish the cause of break down.

IV) Undertake to pay the costs of dismantling and repairing the vehicle if the cause of the break down is not covered by warranty. The owner is responsible for paying for any other work, which the owner asks the Authorised Service center to carry out.

V) The service record and service bills must be made available to the Authorised Service center if required by them.


Failure to comply with these formalities and conditions may lead to a refusal to pay the claim








I. In order to maintain the validity of this warranty, the vehicle must be serviced by a MR. WARRANTEE Authorised Service center / Franchise in accordance with the recommendations as mentioned below:

1st Paid Service – within 5 months or 6,000 kms from the date of start of Extended Warranty (whichever is earlier)


2nd Paid Service – within 10 months or 12,000 kms from the date of start of SUPER AMC Warranty (whichever is earlier)

Note: Paid Service must consist of:

·      Changing Engine Oil & Filter

·      Checking Oil levels in Gear Box and Differential, Coolant level and Top Up where necessary


II. Service Relaxation

Service effected following more than 500 kms or 30 days from the recommended service interval shall invalidate this warranty. This allowance is to facilitate the vehicle owner to make sure services are completed at correct intervals.

III. The owner must retain all the detailed servicing bills supplied by MrWarrantee Authorised Service center / Franchise.

IV. The servicing record shall be completed by MrWarrantee Authorised Service center / Franchise when services are completed and the record shall be retained by the owner as approved, in event of the claim.


The owner shall effect at his cost, all modifications and repairs necessary to avoid a claim, if a claim is likely to occur in the absence of the above.




1. Normal maintenance services such as engine tune up, adjustment of drive belts and linkages on clutch, brake and accelerator pedals, engine oil and oil filter changes, coolant and inhibitor topping - up and / or changes, adjustment of suspension, steering, wheel alignment, cleaning of fuel system and its adjustments, lubrication and lubricants replenishment and/ or changes, checking and focusing of light, servicing of starter-motor, alternator, upkeep of electrical connections and cables, torqueing of fasteners on body or chassis, tightening operations, tyre rotation & wheel balancing, door adjustments.


2.  Normal maintenance service replacement items like brake pads and shoes, brake disc and drum, power unit mountings, wiper blades and linkage cables, all rubber items, hoses and pipes, drive - line mountings, springs, Spark plugs, lamp bulbs, fuses, motor brushes, contact points and arms, regulator machine, all filter elements, all gaskets and packing (except cylinder head gasket), all belts, batteries, tyre and tubes.

3.   All those parts, which are not mentioned in the Parts Covered List.

4.  Any vehicle that has been used for competition or racing or modified in any way or used for hire or reward or commercial usage.

5.  Any repairs or replacement required as a result of accident or collision damage.

6. Warranty will seize to operate in case of accident on parts affected by accident.

7.  Any defects caused by misuse, negligence, abnormal use or insufficient care, or the use of spurious parts.

8. Any vehicle, which has been altered including, without limitation, the installation of performance accessories.

9. Any vehicle on which parts or accessories not approved by respective manufacturer has been used.

10. Any vehicle, which has not been operated in accordance with the operating instructions in the manufacturer owner’s manual.

11. Insignificant defects, which do not affect the functions of the vehicle including without limitations sound, vibration and fluid seepage.

12.  Any natural wear and tear including without limitation ageing etc.

13. Body work & parts, paint, glass, interior & exterior trim; incar entertainment/communication system and connected equipment/exhaust system & catalytic converter/normal wear & tear/service items and other components subject to routine maintenance or period repair & replacement.

14.   Replacement of air bags for whatsoever cause.








1.              Vehicles, which are up to 7 years old or run less than 1,00,000 km from the date of first sale, are eligible for this warranty product and the vehicle sale invoice shall be the conclusive proof of same.


2.              Vehicles to undergo a Certification before issuance of warranty.


3.              Vehicles owned, temporarily or otherwise, by a business formed for the purpose of selling or servicing motor vehicles are excluded.


4.              Warranty has no surrender value, no refund of cost is available, and it cannot be cancelled.


5.              Services must be completed at the correct time/s and mileage/s.  The beneficiary must retain all the service invoices and relevant receipts. Failure to service the vehicle in accordance with the recommended service schedule will render the Warranty invalid.


6.              The mileage quoted in no way guarantees the true distances covered by vehicle and is indicated only as a guide to when servicing is due.  Failure to maintain the odometer, mileage recorder in working order or disconnecting it or tampering with it will invalidate Warranty.


7.              No liability will be accepted for damage caused by neglect, corrosion, intrusion of foreign or deleterious matter, lack of servicing, over heating, freezing or abuse by the continued use of vehicle after a fault has become evident or for consequential loss on the failure of parts not covered by Warranty.


8.              No liability will be accepted for any failure due to wear and tear, components incorrectly fitted, or faulty or defective at the time of sale, or faulty manufacture/design and alterations/modifications from the manufacturer’s specification.


9.              If it shall be established following the receipt of the claim that the conditions of Warranty as laid down have not been fully complied with, then it is hereby expressly agreed and declared that the Authorised Service center  / Franchise shall be released from all liability for that particular claim.


10.           All Disputes / differences regarding claim settlement, arising for whatsoever reason shall be subject to jurisdiction of Delhi courts only.